MySQL Performance tuning script

What is MySQL performance tuning and what does it mean ?

The MySQL configuration contains a number of variables. in fact, The server allows you to edit and set / change variables to suit your needs. In the same way You can improve MySQL performance by changing the values ​​in the configuration file. in brief You can use a number of methods and shell scripts to optimize your MySQL server. therefore this section describes installing and using a single shell script to optimize MySQL performance.

This performance tuning shell script will help you to optimize your MySQL server on a huge traffic cPanel server.

Installation steps

The MySQL tuner has simple installation steps. although You can download the latest version from HERE.

Step I : SSH to your server as root user.
Step II : wget the latest version.


Step III : Change the file permission as executable.

chmod 755

Step IV : Execute the script.


See the attached image which has a sample tuner output.

That’s it ?

The advantages of mysql tuning?

The operations will run smoothly once you have tuned up the database using this script, so these workouts are critical for overall performance and efficiency. If you run into any problems while trying to perform the tuning operations, you can reach server support. Surprisingly, the team is committed to providing the industry’s best server support service.